Gun Safe Accessories, Part 2

When a customer says their gun safe doesn’t hold all their pistols, we have quite a few options to use existing space more efficiently.

Once again, a different interior configuration may help, especially if the customer owns only a few long guns.  From Fort Knox Security you can get an interior shelf system with as few as 3 or 8 spaces for long guns leaving all kinds of shelf space for the hand guns.

Door organizer systems are probably the most popular gun safe accessory.  They allow you to hang handguns on the inside panel of the gun safe door.  That way you can make use those few inches between the inside door panel and the front edge of the shelves.  These organizers also accommodate knives, extra magazines/clips, tools and papers.  On many new gun safes these organizers come standard, but they are also sold as after-market add-ons. Although they are functional, the after-market ones are not quite as nice.  It is worth noting that the fabric which lines the inside door panel and the inside walls of Fort Knox gun safes is Velcro-compatible.  The same is true with their walk-in vault doors.  That provides lots of vertical surface space on which you can hang hand guns.


Velcro pistol pockets are the holsters made so you can mount pistols onto Velcro-type fabric.  Hook & loop fabric on the back of these holsters makes a strong connection on door organizers or on the fabric with which Fort Knox lines the insides of their gun vaults.  They also attach securely to the long-fiber fabric that lines many inexpensive gun safes.

Bar-type hand gun racks that mount onto inside door panels are available from Fort Knox, and can be found by other manufacturers in a number of stores.  Hand guns are held by vinyl covered hooks that are attached to the bar.

Hand gun racks from Versatile Rack Company are favorites of mine.  They are vinyl coated steel holders that store guns vertically to save shelf space.  Made with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 spaces they also make a nice display to show off your favorite weapons.


Gun Storage Solutions company offers many creative ways to use gun safe space efficiently.  Some of their vinyl coated steel holders stand on top of a shelf, but most grab onto the edges of shelves.  The gun barrel is slipped over a vinyl coated steel rod so your pistols can hang in a vertical position below the shelf or above it.  Great space savers!  Gun Storage Solutions makes versions for use with slat wall systems too.  You have probably seen their products displaying pistols at your favorite gun store

More on gun safe accessories soon.