Vault Doors

Vault doors are increasing in popularity. In new home construction one of the most requested options is a vault room for protection of the family and valuables. Some existing homes already have a space suitable for use as a vault room. A vault door from Hoogerhyde Safe is the finishing touch for your special room.

Multiple Uses – Gun Room, Safe Room, Man Cave, and More!

Vault rooms are most often used to protect and display large collections of guns, coins, sports memorabilia, historic military items or wines. They usually double as secure rooms to protect the family in case of violent weather or intruders. Be creative! Upgrade your den into the ultimate “man cave”. Display your prized collection in your own “limited access museum” right at home. Treat yourself to something unusual as well as practical.

Serious collectors, no matter what they collect, always seem to run out of space with safes. An avid gun collector who keeps running out of space for his guns recently purchased his eighth gun safe from us. Think how much more convenient it would be if he could build a gun room with vault door access! Several of our customers have extremely large areas behind their vault doors – they have their own underground shooting ranges where the weather is always good. Very cool!

Our customers usually want the ability to lock themselves inside their vaults quickly in case of an intruder or tornado.  All of our new vault doors allow for fast lock-in, but some on the market do not. All vault doors have emergency releases that allow a person to get out if locked inside, but some are difficult to work.  That is an important detail if you have children at home! Our used vault doors save money and may be able to achieve a special antique or retro look.

Easier Than You Think!

Many people do not consider putting in a vault room because they perceive it to be a more difficult project than it really is. The perception is that vault doors get installed as part of the wall-building process, mounted as the concrete is being poured. Almost all are actually installed later in the process.

The Fort Knox Vault doors, American Security vault doors and Golden Spike vault doors that we sell all have inside and outside frames that bolt together, securely “clamping on” all the way around the wall opening. Some brands don’t do this which makes them more difficult to work with. Our two-frame vault doors save builders installation time, saving money for everyone. Because installation is relatively simple we ship vault doors across the country. Builders can put them in without needing our assistance.

Planning for a Vault Door – What you Should Know

Avoid problems: Plan ahead when installing the vault door in your new home.

  • Decide whether you want an in-swing or out-swing door.
  • Decide whether you want hinges on the right or left side (when facing the front of the door).
  • Determine what the wall thickness will be.
  • If the vault room will be either on the main floor or in a walk-out basement, the door can usually be brought in late in the construction process, after the house is “enclosed.”  If the room is in a full basement (not a walk-out), it should be brought in before the house is closed up.
  • Decide which brand and size door you want before construction begins so the wall opening is made to the right dimensions.  Vault door manufacturers use different opening dimensions.
  • Consider whether ventilation is required in the room. For example, if you plan to be cleaning guns, solvent fumes need to be ventilated out.
  • Consider whether humidity control will be required. Fresh concrete usually gives off moisture for at least a year as it cures.
  • Lead time once you order the door is usually six to ten weeks. 
  • Go to our New Vault Door page to see more details.

Find the Best Vault Door Brands

Hoogerhyde Safe sells and installs new vault doors by Fort Knox, American Security, Golden Spike and Graffunder. See the display unit(s) in our show room to learn about the features and details that make huge differences in security. Do not trust the no-name brands being sold over the internet! You won’t get the whole story, and too many buyers are disappointed after the sale. It is always best to see one in person before you buy.

Used and Antique Vault Doors

See our Used Vault Doors page for more information.