New Vault Doors

Home owners want the security of an in-house vault room, and with good reason; these rooms provide ample space and a superior level of security in your home. Once you decide to go forward on a secure room with vault door entry, deciding which brand door can be a challenge.

Our overall first choice in vault doors is Fort Knox. They are not the cheapest, but when you consider the security, appearance, fit & finish, options like stainless steel, warranty – the whole package – they are the best “bang for the buck.” While American Security and Golden Spike will save you money they are still great products. If money is not a concern and you want up to 1.5″ of solid steel in the door, then Graffunder is for you. Because of weight Graffunders typically required special equipment for installation.

Considerations When Choosing a New Vault Door

Make sure the door you buy will look attractive when installed. While a flat steel flange around the frame is functional, it does not look truly “finished” like ours do with their contoured flanges. The doors we sell also have both inner and outer frames to speed up installation and make the door look attractive, even on the inside. One maker uses flanges that are so narrow there is no margin for error; if the opening is not perfect on all sides the opening may not get completely covered. You should have a good choice of colors and trim options too.

Be wary of companies that claim their vault doors are fire rated for one, two or three hours. Unless these doors have Underwriters Laboratory tags the “ratings” are just made up numbers, because the doors have never been tested! Putting three layers of drywall in the door does not make it a “2 hour fire rated door.” Don’t deal with a business the starts out the transaction based on a lie. You need to deal with a reputable company who can show you construction details and explain how the door seals against smoke and heat. We always have vault doors on display for this purpose.

Things to Think About:

There are many different components of a vault door that are important to consider when choosing which vault door to purchase. Some things to keep in mind:

  • How much steel are you really getting? (Not how thick the edge of the door is.)
  • Is the inside emergency release easy to use? Would your children be able to use it?
  • How quickly can you lock yourself inside in an emergency?
  • How many and what type of seals does the door have? One ore even two heat-expanding seals will allow lots of heat and smoke to enter before the seals expand.
  • Does the door come with a commercial grade lock, or a low-cost model? Even well-known lock manufacturers make locks that we will not sell.
  • How many locking bolts are there?
  • Read the details about the warranty. For example, are locks and pain guaranteed for as long as you own the vault door or just one to five years? Will the manufacturer really replace the door after fire or break-in, or will they make you go through your home owners insurance?
  • Can you get a color you like? Fort Knox offers 16 standard colors, and will do special colors too.
  • Will the business you buy from install the door? Can they give you good advice if you want to install it yourself?
  • Can the business you buy from do service work later? Is the business likely to be around in ten years?
  • Are there negative reviews about either the manufacturer or dealer?

It’s worth it to spend a little extra time exploring available options so you get the right vault door. For unmatched service and serious security, visit Hoogerhyde Safe in Grand Rapids, Michigan or call us.