Customer Testimonials

“Very professional staff, especially Matt. They took great care in delivery and installation.”

- M.B., Berrion County

“The men were congenial, professional and left no evidence that they were here.”

- J.P., Grand Rapids

“They were very careful not to damage the wood lip at the top of our stairs. Others have destroyed it.”

- R.D., Rockford

“I am very happy with everything – sales help, installation, delivery.”

- S.L., Ottawa County

“The people delivering the safe had to work under extreme conditions and did a professional, excellent job.”

- J.R., Grand Rapids

“Absolutely professional and great service!”

- D.D., Grand Rapids

“They were very helpful on the phone and guiding me with what was needed. He was here quickly and with outstanding service.”

- Car Dealership, Grand Rapids

New Safe

Feb 11, 2018

“Our new AMSEC safe was delivered and installed on Friday. The entire experience we have had with Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock has been nothing less than excellent.

I very much appreciate the time and patience you took during my visits to your shop to explore options and ask questions. You provided an uncommon level of expertise, objective advice and willingness to explain the details about safe technology as well as the pros and cons of various safe brands and specifications. You took the time to understand our security needs and helped us find the right safe for our application. So far, we are very pleased with our AMSEC BF6030.

Matt and Damon are to be complimented for the professional level of service they provided with the delivery and installation of our safe, especially with the less than ideal snowy weather conditions. They clearly know exactly what they are doing, worked very efficiently, were sensitive to making sure the moving path was kept clean and had no interferences, and were very willing to answer our questions throughout the process.

Hoogerhyde has exemplified a level of customer service and attention that seems all too rare these days, and it has been a pleasure to work with you and your team. Based on our experience, we would not hesitate to recommend Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock to anyone looking for help with security needs, locks and safes.

Well done!”

-B.G., Grand Rapids

Gun Safe, Fire Safes

Oct 20, 2016

“My wife and I have made three major purchases from [Hoogerhyde]. Each transaction has given us considerable satisfaction and peace of mind.

The first was an American Security Gun Safe, which has more than met our expectations. We could have spent less elsewhere, but the tradeoffs were unacceptable, resulting in more susceptibility to fire and theft and lesser durability. Research before our purchase informed me that some manufacturers of gun safes offer lines of products with varying levels of quality but with the same name attached. Being a Ph.D. degree does not render me an expert judge of what lies below the fancy paint job.

Even more troubling are the questions of service and trust. Should I have a question, should something–anything–go wrong, I will not tolerate products featuring the increasingly common instruction “Do not contact the seller; call our 800 number….” I will not subject myself to “service” that requires shipment to the factory or waiting for a technician to travel to my home.

And trust. Can I trust the knowledge or the integrity of a gun-safe salesperson paid by the hour at one of the big national chains? How am I to make an informed distinction? I choose not to toss the dice. My policy is to locate a business owned and operated by experts in the trade — experts who are people of integrity and have earned the respect and trust of customers over the long run. That is Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock and all the members of Hoogerhyde team. They have mine. Plus, I like them all and enjoy looking around the premises (especially at the collection of old mechanical marvels).

Our second and third purchases were both four-drawer fire files. We judge it wisdom to protect our most important papers and documents and other possessions. How best to do that? Again, who better to trust than the experts at Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock?

With this most recent purchase, we did experience a problem. After filling and closing the bottom drawer, I could not reopen it. Just a telephone call to Tom. Out came one of the sons. Problem gone.

When I am the beneficiary of quality and integrity and of service that goes the Biblical “extra mile,” it is incumbent upon me to compliment.”

– University Professor, Department Head; Grand Rapids, MI

Vault Door

Oct 18, 2018

The vault looks terrific and it already has a load. I appreciate the professionalism of Hoogerhyde – at every level from sales to installation. If you ever need a reference, I’d be happy to provide one. I wish you and your brother well in your new endeavor and wish Tom the best in his retirement. I recommend you keep him as a paid consultant. Institutional knowledge and experience is hard to replace. Even if he is just dad. 🙂 “

– Tony

*Testimonials may have been edited for clarity.