Moving Safes

Moving safes has become a big deal over the last 10 or so years as the rate of safe ownership has risen dramatically. Moving large and/or heavy safes can be dangerous for anyone who does not have experience along with proper equipment. We have the right gear and years of practice.

We are experts at protecting your floors, doorways and stairs from damage, but you need to assist by providing appropriate information. By completing the Safe Moving Form below, you will help us to prepare for a smooth, efficient safe moving experience. Note that we cannot violate the laws of geometry;  for instance, we won’t be able to turn a 40” wide safe on a 34” x 34” stair landing.

Safety Precautions to Consider Before Moving a Safe

Even when exercising maximum care, it is possible for problems to arise when moving a safe. It is your home and you know more about it than we do, so if weak floors or stairways cause issues, that would be your responsibility. For example: A 4000# safe will not damage a properly installed marble floor on a concrete base if we roll it over sheets of plywood. But a marble floor might be damaged by a 1500# safe if the floor is improperly installed or if wooden floor joists move under the weight. Likewise, we have never broken a set of stairs. But if the safe you have us move is too heavy for your stairs, they could possibly cave in, and we would not be responsible. We do many difficult moves but we will not attempt anything that we determine is too dangerous.

The cost of moving a safe varies by its size and weight, and is calculated by the hour from the time we leave our shop until we get back. You can contact us if you would like an idea of how much it will cost based on the size of your safe and your location. It is best to schedule at least four days in advance. We typically offer safe moving services in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas, but are willing to travel, even outside of the state in some circumstances.

Safe Moving Checklist

  • Take measurements and complete the Safe Moving Form
  • Contact us at least 4 days before you would like the safe to be moved
  • Review the areas of your home where the safe will be moved for possible safety issues
  • Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns, or stop into our shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan