Serious Security for Your Guns

You’ve probably invested thousands of dollars in your gun collection, and protecting it is a smart move. But pick the wrong gun safe or gun cabinet, and your investment could be gone in the blink of an eye. Many of the so-called “premium” gun safes sold at big box stores can be opened by a thief in less than 2 minutes. Would you feel secure with that level of protection?

When you shop for gun safes, gun cabinets, and gun safe accessories at Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock in Grand Rapids, Michigan you won’t settle for less than two minutes of protection. You’ll experience unparalleled service from the most knowledgeable staff in the business. We offer serious security from the top brands, including:

  • Graffunder Safes
  • American Security Products (AMSEC)
  • Fort Knox
  • Rhino Ironworks
  • Heritage
  • Summit Safe
  • Winchester
  • Golden Spike

Unlike the box stores and gun shops, we can service the safes we sell — from the best gun safes, gun cabinets, and handgun safes in Grand Rapids, and even built-in vault doors!  We stock lots of useful gun safe accessories too.

Where’s the Steel?

Don’t be fooled by a gun safe from a box store. In spite of the manufacturers’ claims of security, they actually contain very little steel — usually less than one-tenth of an inch! Try this simple test with most safes from a box store:

  • With the safe door open, put your knee into the front of it.
  • Then pull hard toward you at the top of the door.

Chances are very good that you can feel the door flex. Imagine how easily it would flex if someone were using a pry bar.

Seeing is believing! Come to Hoogerhyde and we will show you steel up to 1″ thick!

Does the Gun Safe Door Fit?

Many of the gun safe brands sold in box stores have large gaps around the door. These gaps are permitted in mass production so that manufacturers can make a large number of safes cheaply. Although these safes are cheaper upfront, they come at a big cost. Large gaps around the door allow pry bars to slip through and make the safes much easier to open—leaving your investment worth thousands of dollars exposed to thieves.

Buy Guns From a Gun Store, Buy Gun Safes From a Safe Store

It may seem like a natural fit for gun stores to display and sell handgun safes and gun cabinets. But just like we don’t know enough about guns to provide proper advice and service for weapons, gun stores don’t have appropriate knowledge to provide advice and service for safes. To them, safes are a sideline or just a way to boost sales and profits. At Hoogerhyde Safe, safes are our business (you can tell by the name, right?). We know more about safes and gun safe accessories because we work on them every day – just like a gun store works on guns every day. There are good security reasons why we do not sell the brands of safes you normally see in gun stores.

We have the tools, training and experience to do any service work that might be required after your purchase. It is common for customers to tell us “It was a mistake for me to buy my safe from the gun shop. I had problems with it, and when I needed help they said that they can’t repair safes.”

The Hoogerhyde Difference: Quality, Integrity, Serious Security

Whether you’re shopping for secure handgun safes, gun cabinets or safes, built-in vault doors, or gun safe accessories, you’ll appreciate the quality and service from Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock. Where the box stores fail, we deliver:

  • Steel: Steel thicknesses in doors of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and over 1.”
  • Fit: Strong, secure doors that fit properly.
  • Honesty: Knowledgeable, experienced experts who will help you find the safe that’s right for your gun collection.
  • Warranties:  Honest, superior warranties — not industry-standard deception.
  • Delivery: We will promptly deliver your safe for a reasonable fee.

Gun owners can rest easy knowing the safe they bought at Hoogerhyde is protecting their valuable investment. We offer sales, delivery, and service for the highest-quality gun cabinets and safes, handgun safes, vault doors, and gun safe accessories. Come into Hoogerhyde in Grand Rapids today—the safe place to shop.

For really serious security in your new home, please visit our vault doors page for more information.