Gun Safe Accessories – Make the Most of Your Space

Customers often comment that their gun safe is full but they don’t have the money to buy another one or a bigger one.  With answers to a few questions we can usually help them for a small amount of money (even though we would love to sell them another vault).

The most common problem is that “the safe no longer holds all my long guns”.  Luckily there are several products or tricks that can help.

A different gun rack configuration can sometimes make room for more long guns.  Fort Knox has many interior configurations, so ordering different racks might help.  We came up with a wonderful solution for a client who is fortunate enough to have a large collection of machine guns.  They are all short, many with collapsible stocks.  His safe is 66”h X 37w, so we designed an interior with two levels of gun racks.  The bottom racks hold about twenty short weapons.  Above those guns is another “floor” along with another set of gun racks, doubling his gun capacity.

I am not a big fan of “Rifle Rods” by Gun Storage Solutions, but they allow you to really cram lots of guns close together.  Rifle Rods are plastic rods which you stick into the gun barrel.  The flat heads have Vecro on them which you can stick to the underside of a Vecro-covered shelf.  Guns are held in place straight up and down.  You need to be really careful, however, to avoid banging and scratching you guns.


Gun Sox are made by several companies.  They are long tubes of heavy, stretchy fabric with a draw-string on top.  Slip the rifle inside the sock and then even when guns bump each other they will not get scratched and dented.  You can even just lean guns up against each other inside your gun vault.  They also are said to prevent rust and give extra protection in case of a house fire.  In many states slipping your gun into a gun sock will keep you legal when walking into the woods before shooting hours.

More about gun safe accessories next time.