Three Vault Doors: Unusual Application

Last week I visited a customer’s job-site, curious about why he wanted THREE high end in-swing vault doors in his new home.  What I saw would make every “gun guy” envious.

One vault door allows you to enter a combination wine cellar / secure room.  The other two, however, are on opposite ends of a 110 yard underground shooting range!!  From inside the house you go down stairs to a vault door, but open the door and you enter a very long 9’ by 9’ concrete tunnel with in-floor heating and appropriate ventilation. When finished it will have sound attenuation, shooting benches, gun racks and a state-of-the-art bullet catching system.  This guy likes to shoot!

underground shooting range
underground shooting range project

Exit through the vault door at the other end of the tunnel and stairs take you into the “toy barn” where cars, tractors, boats and other fun stuff will be kept.  I am really jealous!

If you have a cool or unusual vault door application please let us know.