Antique Safes: San Francisco Tea Company

Antique safes can be interesting and fun, and they offer a little glimpse into our history.  They also make great conversation pieces in the home or office.  Unfortunately, the exteriors of many have been painted over, like the Mosler Brahnamn which is the subject of this post.


A customer got this old safe from an abandoned building.  The combination was unknown so it needed to be opened.  While the original outside paint in covered up, the interior is still very cool. In about 1885 the San Francisco Tea Company must have paid top dollar for this safe with all the extra decorations.  Check out the great paintings inside.  In particular, look at the well-dressed Indian chief.  Doesn’t he look rather European for a Native American?

Nice antiques are getting hard to find, and going up in price.  If you are seriously interested in getting an antique safe, email us with information on the size you want as well as price range.