Stamp Collector’s Safe

Stamps are easily damaged, in more ways than you might think. Of course they can be torn, burned, soiled, etc., all of which reduce their value. Same for historic signatures, photos, sports memorabilia and other collectables. Naturally, a valuable collection should be secured in a safe, but most stamp collectors use the wrong type of safe.

To protect contents from heat and fire, 98% of safes use moisture which is locked up in the safe’s insulation. When heated by fire the insulation cools by forcing moisture out, to the interior of the safe. Air inside the safe will be saturated and hot (up to 350 degrees). That level of moisture will affect the stamps’ adhesive and may also affect the delicate colors and paper.

Used Media Safe In Stock Typical Two Door Construction

To avoid the possibility of being damaged this way in a fire, the best stamp collector’s safe is technically a media safe. Media safes generally keep humidity below 85% during a fire, and maintain a temperature of only 125 to 150 degrees.

Note: Media safes tend to be expensive, but we usually have used ones in stock.