Pistol Safes Make Great Christmas Gifts

Today being December 23, I am obviously way behind in posting this message.  But if you are like me maybe you will still be Christmas shopping on December 29.  Or perhaps someone was so good to you that you feel guilty and want to get them something more.

Anyway, many folks that carry a pistol still leave them sitting on the dresser at night, or under the car seat when they go into restricted buildings.  We regularly talk with customers who have started to worry because their kids or grandkids are now getting old enough, and curious enough, to get into trouble.  This always seems to be an issue for off duty police officers.


A good, quality handgun safe makes a great present.  We sell a number of brands but we recommend the three models offered by Fort Knox — they offer real security.  Most units on the market are pried open easily because they are made of very thin steel and because the latch mechanisms are weak.  Fort Knox handgun safes are made with steel that is two to four times thicker than other popular brands.  And their dependable mechanical locks, rather than electronic locks, mean there are no batteries to worry about.  Tight tolerances on the fit of the doors and very secure latch systems make them almost impossible to pry open.

So if my poor timing on this Christmas post kept you from buying someone a Fort Knox pistol safe, you could always give it to them for Valentine’s day.  Very romantic!