Top 10 Reasons Not To Buy a Gun Safe Over the Internet

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Gun Safe Over the Internet

“Top 10” lists are very popular since David Letterman used them every day on his show. Here is mine:

#10 Internet sellers do not support your local economy. You should support your local main street type businesses.

#9 Internet sellers usually do not arrange to have the gun safe installed in your home.

#8 Internet sellers certainly will not come to your home to service your safe.

#7 When purchasing a safe over the internet you cannot see it and “kick the tires” before you buy it.

#6 Most internet sellers specialize in selling cheap, inferior, Chinese made (junk) safes. This often leads to #5.

#5 Internet sellers frequently misrepresent what they are selling.

#4 Internet sellers usually do not know as much about gun safes and vault doors as a good local dealer, and the local dealer can show you side-by-side comparisons between different units.

#3 Internet sellers are disgusting, good-for-nothing, miserable excuses for human beings, whose mothers abandoned them at an early age down by the railroad tracks. Haha.

#2 Things can get messy, and buyers tend to get angry, when they find problems with their new safe after it is unpackaged and the delivery truck has already left.

#1 How do you know that the delivery driver, or someone else in the freight system, has not removed the box from your safe long enough to write down the combination? And the address to your home is on the outside of the box!

I probably exaggerated on #3, but the other points are real concerns – these things really happen!