The Best Batteries for Electronic Safe Locks

We get this phone call every day:  “My safe has an electronic lock and I have changed the batteries but it still won’t open.”  Usually the problem is that they put in cheap batteries.  Yes, there is a difference.


Whether the lock is on a fire safe, commercial safe, gun safe or vault door, the ONLY batteries that will consistently work electronic safe locks are Duracell and Energizer alkaline.  Store brand batteries and even the other famous brands are inferior.  The voltage will be the same on most of them, but the amps will be higher on Duracell and Energizer. Electronic safe locks need high amps to work properly. Use batteries that are fresh from the store, not the ones that have been sitting in that kitchen drawer for six years.  Don’t use rechargeable batteries, either.

One more word of advice:  Be really careful when changing batteries on electronic safe locks so you don’t break the contacts or connecting wires.  That will require the help (and the fee) of a safe technician.