Gun Safes at SHOT Show

Two weeks ago I attended the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trades Show in Las Vegas.  Most attendees of SHOT are there for the guns, ammo, knives and other cool outdoor gear.  I go to see what is new with gun safes.

One of the things I discovered this year was that some of the sellers of Chinese-made safes know almost nothing about what they are selling.  Visiting with the folks selling Chinese safes I made it a point to ask whether their safes had a lock system with a real lock body or just a solenoid plunger.  Most were puzzled by the question and did not know the difference.  I would get referred to someone else, who sometimes referred me to another person.  They would question back “what difference does it make?”  After a short explanation, it was suggested that they should read what I posted on my previous blog post ($700 Gun Safe).

People selling safes are asking customers to trust them with protection of their most prized possessions.  Doesn’t it make sense, then, that the sellers should actually build in a reasonable amount of security?  Shouldn’t they at least know what kind of lock it has?  Buy American!!