Avoid Injuries When working With Safes: Part 1

Moving safes can be dangerous.  You should not attempt to move large units, like gun safes, unless you have experience with this kind of task.  It is not uncommon for people to be injured when moving a safe.  We are occasionally called to stand up a safe that has fallen over when it was being handled by inexperienced people.  Usually, their new safe is now scratched up and ugly.  Frequently it also then needs to be professionally drilled open and have a new lock installed.  The safe on which they “got a good deal” has now cost them dearly.

Several tips for moving a heavy safe:

1)  Having too many people around can cause distractions, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

2)  Take lots of time to think through all the issues and risks – hurrying can cause accidents.

3)  Rolling a safe across the floor on golf balls sounds like a good idea, but has been the cause of many accidents.  Trying to slide a safe on blocks of ice is really dangerous.  Use pipes instead.

4)  When moving a safe by pallet jack, forklift, crane, etc., be alert and stand far enough away that the safe cannot possibly reach you if it falls.

CRANE LIFT 051 (427x640)

5)  If the safe wants to fall, especially a tall one, don’t be a hero.  Don’t try to stop it, let it fall.  Paying to have it repaired is cheaper and less painful than broken bones.

6)  We normally advise not taking the door off to lighten the safe.  Dropping the door on your foot could cause a serious injury.  A heavy, tall, awkward safe door can catch you off guard and knock you over.  (You will probably also damage the paint trying to put the door back on its hinges.)

7)  When taking a heavy unit downstairs be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS.  Consider standing at the top of the stairs and slowly lowering it with straps.  Consider reinforcing the staircase from underneath.

8)  Best advice:  Pay to hire professionals.

Too many people are injured, or damage their safe, or damage their home when doing work they should not attempt.  Buy you safe from a dealer that offers delivery service.