Cheap Gun Safes with Combination Locks

If you are looking to buy a cheap gun safe with a dial-type lock, be careful.  Cheap units with dial locks frequently use what is called a “direct entry” lock system.  These are much less secure than a safe with a Group 2 dial lock.  Try this:  With one hand put pressure on the safe handle, and with the other hand turn the lock dial.  If you feel the lock turning with the hand on the handle, then it is a direct entry lock.  An experienced person can determine the combination when he can feel what is going on inside the lock.  The picture below is the inside of a very cheap direct entry lock system.  The round silver parts near the top are the three lock wheels.  The slot going from the center to the outside edge of the wheel corresponds with one of the numbers on the dial.  You can determine the lock combination when you feel the openings on the wheels through the safe handle.


When a safe has a Group 2 lock you cannot feel the lock through the handle.  These locks, as well as the whole locking system, provide much more protection.  Naturally, they cost more, too.  Spend more money — buy a quality safe with a Group 2 lock if you want your safe to provide real burglary protection.