Graffunder Gun Safes, part 3

Tight fitting doors and heavy steel construction of Graffunder gun safes were discussed in earlier posts.  There are many other features that make Graffunders the very best safes you can buy.  For example, the bolts are machined stainless steel rather than just chrome plated steel, making them more difficult to cut with standard tools or torches.  The boltworks are controlled by a heavy gear driven system, rather than by a simple cam system like most gun safes.  Locks are protected by being completely encased in thick hardened steel.  There are also hardened steel ball-bearing anti drill barriers in the door.  In addition, on Emperor and Fortress models the safe bodies also have ball bearing anti-drill barriers in critical places.

Graffunder Safe 009
Machined stainless steel bolts, 1″ thick solid plate steel door, 1 of two heat seals, Made in U.S.A.

Fire rated Graffunders are rated for 1 hour/1750 degrees.  The insulation is concrete based composite material, which is poured in between the heavy exterior steel plate and a 14 gauge inner steel liner.  More steel!  As tight as the doors fit there are still two smoke/fire seals between the doors and frames.  (I plan to write about the importance of having two seals in a future blog.)

Graffunder Safe 001Graffunder Safe 006

Once you have decided on the model and size you want, designing your customized safe can be fun.  You can choose from six textured paint colors for the exterior, three styles of handles, chrome or gold hardware, six interior fabrics, six interior shelf configurations and four different locks.  Really dress up your safe with a beautiful high gloss door insert in one of four colors.  Still can’t get exactly the look you want?  Just tell us what you want and the good people at Sage Safe will make it happen your way!

Visit our shop to see Graffunders on display.  We will help you to design your special one-of-a-kind high-security gun safe.