People agree that hand guns should be secured when not in use.  So why do “hand gun safes” generally offer very little security?  Most weigh less than five pounds because the steel is almost paper-thin. Latches aren’t much better on most models and a good screw driver will pop open most of these “safes”.

You can view eight different models of hand gun boxes at our store, but we promote the three models of Fort Knox Pistol Safes. They offer REAL SECURITY because they are constructed of heavy steel from 10 gauge all the way up to ¼ inch. They weigh from 13pounds for the small Auto Safe up to 22 pounds for the Original Pistol Box. Fort Knox units feature secure latching systems with Kaba Simplex mechanical locks – no batteries, no beeping noise, FAST access. All models can be bolted down.

Spend a little more, get the best. Fort Knox Pistol Safes. OUTSTANDING CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY GIFTS!!