EMP and Redundant Safe Locks

Electronic safe locks are definitely faster and easier to use than traditional dial type locks, but some people do not trust their reliability.  Lock failure due to EMP – electromagnetic pulse – is a concern of some people as well.  EMP’s are typically associated with nuclear explosions and specific types of military weapons with the capability of destroying all kinds of electronic systems.  See Wikipedia for information on EMP.

Fort Knox Gun Safe with Redundant Lock System

LaGardbrand redundant safe lock systems are the best solution for these concerns. With the redundant lock arrangement your gun safe will have both an electronic keypad AND a mechanical dial controlling a single lock unit. If the electronic part fails due to EMP, or for any other reason, the dial will still open your safe. You will ALWAYS be able to open your safe! This system has been used in banks for several years, but it is now available on Fort Knox gunsafes. I don’t believe any other gun safe manufacturer offers it, and this “peace of mind” upgrade only costs about $400. It also gives your gun safe a unique appearance that will impress your friends.