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American Security BF Gun Safes Out-Perform the Competition

January, 2014- American Security Products’ BF gun safe was recently fire tested by an independent lab with surprising results.  For several years the BF series has carried a 90 minute fire rating, based on previous testing.  But in December, 2013 Intertek ETL Laboratories, an independent testing organization similar to Underwriter’s Laboratories, fire tested the BF along with three safes from well-known competitors.  In a standardized test, the oven temperature was raised to 1200 degrees over an eight minute period, then maintained at 1200 degrees throughout the duration of the test.  Temperature probes were positioned seven inches below the inside top surface of each safe.

Intertek released their findings in January, showing that Amsec’s BF actually surpassed its rating by over a half hour!  The BF endured 1200 degrees F for 126 minutes before the temp in the safe reached 350 degrees.  Needless to say these superior units will now proudly bare the ETL Certified label for 120 minutes.


How did the competitors’ safes do?  One safe with a manufacturer’s fire rating of 60 minutes failed when the inside temp hit 350 degrees in only 47.5 minutes.  The second, with a manufacturer’s rating of 2.5 hours (150 minutes) failed at just 69 minutes.  Incredibly, the third safe, for which the manufacturer claims a 120 minute rating, failed in just 9.0 minutes!  It is worth noting that all three of these safes use Type X drywall for insulation, and have only a single door seal.  Amsec’s BF uses poured-in insulation similar to concrete, and two door seals.

Lessons:  1)  Do not buy a safe that uses Type X drywall for insulation.  2)  Be wary of manufacturer’s fire ratings which are not backed by an independent lab like ETL or Underwriter’s Laboratories.  3)  Look for a safe that has more than one door seal.   

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