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Graffunder,  the “Army Tank” of Safes, arrives in Michigan

We are proud to announce Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock now carries the highly regarded Graffunder brand safes.  “We're the first company to carry Graffunder in the state of Michigan, giving our customers the opportunity to select one of the very best safes on the market,” said Hoogerhyde owner Tom Ziemer.  

Innovative and Perfected High Security Safes
Graffunder entered the safe scene in 1968 and has been innovating and perfecting high security safes and vault doors ever since.  Protecting the valuables of both residential and commercial customers, Graffunder safes are built from heavy steel plate up to 1 ½” thick, with torch resistant manganese plate on the top model.  The space between the door and frame is so fine-tuned, a business card can barely fit between them.  Graffunder safes use a proprietary high density composite material for insulation, ceramic blankets and two high temperature seals to achieve a fire rating of 1750 degrees for 1 hour. 
Customizable Colors and Interiors
Though high security is this safe's top priority, Graffunder offers safes in a variety of colors with an automotive base and top coat, as well as customizable interior configurations, to give your safe a rich appearance and convenient storage.  The next time you’re looking for the “Army Tank” of safes, stop by Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock.  Our employees can guide you toward the proper size, style, and rating for your safe needs.

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