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Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 6, 2016 – In 1926, Ford announced the 40-hour work week, the United States launched the first liquid fuel rocket and Winnie-the-Pooh and Greta Garbo made their debuts. 

Closer to home, Fred Hoogerhyde opened a car repair and service company that capitalized on driver accidents in the then-fledgling auto industry. In short order, thefts prompted the auto industry to install locks on their vehicles – and again, Hoogerhyde was ahead of the technology curve when he began repairing car locks. 

That expertise in locks eventually became the prime-time focus of the Grand Rapids business, and Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock focused on safe work and locksmithing. The business has continued to grow at its 1033 Leonard St. NW location ever since. Hoogerhyde is celebrating its 90th anniversary as a premier supplier of security for homes, businesses, institutions and automobiles. The Company has selected Habitat for Humanity of Kent County as its charity partner and will provide new locks and keys for each of the nonprofits new home builds in the coming year. 

Hoogerhyde continues its success by combining the kind of advanced technology that led to a locksmith contract with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport with strong neighborhood business ideals such as great customer service and quality products. 

Such values are important to current owner Tom Ziemer, who bought the business in 1999 after becoming disillusioned with the detachment of the corporate world. He quickly found his calling and today employs nine people to help him carry it out. 

“Because of our work, customers can sleep better at night knowing their home, business and belongings are protected,” Ziemer said. “Knowing that we provide a sense of security motivates me and my team every day. 

“Not only do we provide the best safes and security products, we also install, service and maintain them. We will never be the least expensive in the market, but we are the best – and that brings our customers extra peace of mind.” 

Nowhere is that more important than in the sale and service of gun safes, which accounts for approximately 60 percent of his business. Hoogerhyde carries a wide range of products, all of them American-made, including Fort Knox, American Security, Winchester, Graffunder Safes, Rhino Ironworks and others. 

Ziemer has samples of poorly built imported products side-by-side with American-made safes, allowing Hoogerhyde representatives to visually explain the difference that construction and design make when it comes to a well-built safe. 

Hoogerhyde’s service on safes extends beyond those for guns, of course. Homeowners and business owners who need to protect jewelry, important papers, cash and other belongings can all benefit from a good safe. And professional installation means Hoogerhyde has proper equipment to move these heavy items throughout a building, even carefully down steps, to avoid damage. 

Ziemer and his team also help customers get into safes where the combination or keys has been lost. A group of modern-day safecrackers, they have one of only a handful of machines in the state that can systematically dial every possible lock combination. 

The company also has stayed true to its roots through locksmithing. If you lock your keys out of the car, buy a new home, go through a divorce or break-in, Hoogerhyde can provide the keys or appropriate security upgrades. 

But a true testament to Hoogerhyde’s expertise on modern locksmithing, and the trust it engenders as a company, is in its contract with Gerald R. Ford International Airport. For this opportunity, Hoogerhyde’s locksmiths work with specialized security devices needed at an airport, but only after the company and its technicians passed an extensive background check. 

Commercial locksmithing and its constantly evolving technology continue to be a key growth area for Hoogerhyde. Besides the airport, Hoogerhyde also served as the locksmith for Tanger Outlets shopping center in Byron Township, among other marquee projects. 

Despite modern advances, the company started by Fred Hoogerhyde in 1926 – and which still bears his name because of the goodwill in that brand– will adhere to the standards that have brought them this far: a commitment to being a trusted partner for customers’ security needs.

“We provide real value to our customers by never forgetting our roots,” Ziemer said. “Without question, we offer the latest innovations to our customers but we have never forgotten the covenant we formed with our community. That makes us accountable to our customers and helps feed our efforts to always provide the best experience for them.”

Contact: Mary Ann Sabo | Sabo Public Relations | (616) 485-1432

Celebrating Our 90th Year in Business

2016 marks Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock’s 90th year in business. Obviously we are proud to reach this milestone which very few companies ever achieve.

Hoogerhyde has evolved over the years to become the largest retail safe store in West Michigan, maybe in the entire state. While we still sell traditional residential and commercial safes, the last decade has seen huge growth in the sale of gun safes and residential vault doors for secure rooms.

Hoogerhyde has also grown to be one of the state’s largest locksmith service providers. Residential locksmith services have not changed much in recent years. On the commercial side, however, safety issues have forced a revolution in security options. For instance, lock systems can now have the capability to lockdown schools, improve airport security or track who has used specific doors at which times.

As Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock moves ahead toward the century mark, we will continue to grow and evolve along with the requirements of our changing society.


Visit Hoogerhyde Safe at Local Consumer Shows


January, 2016 - Late winter to spring is the season for consumer shows. Hoogerhyde is active again this year showing safes and vault doors at:

*The Huntin’ Time Expo in Grand Rapids from January 29 - January 31
*The West Michigan Home & Garden Show, in Grand Rapids from March 3 - March 6
*The Traverse City Hunting & Fishing Expo, in Traverse City from March 18 - March 20

Come learn from the area’s only real safe and vault door experts. Hoogerhyde displays gun safes, handgun safes, and traditional residential safes. Brands include Fort Knox, American Security, Graffunder, Rhino and Gardall. Visit us at one of our upcoming shows to find out the differences between well-built units and the products sold at box stores. We can help you plan to put a walk-in vault room or a large safe in your new home project, or Hoogerhyde’s expert movers can install a fire safe or gun safe anywhere in your current home.

 GR Ford Airport Selects Hoogerhyde as Locksmith

November, 2015- Hoogerhyde Safe is proud to announce that we have been selected by Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR) to be the airport’s locksmith specialists. GRR is a huge complex with numerous related buildings in addition to the main terminal. This is a great honor for Hoogerhyde because it reflects the highest level of confidence and trust in our company.

Airports have very special security requirements, and some of their specialized security products are never encountered by most locksmiths. Not every locksmith is allowed to work at such a facility. Background checks on the business, and security clearance for on-site technicians, are extensive. Businesses, institutions and consumers have placed their trust in Hoogerhyde for decades. The Gerald R. Ford International Airport’s selection of Hoogerhyde Safe as its locksmith specialist confirms our clients’ confidence is well justified.

Tanger Outlet Center Chooses Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock


July, 2015- Big news in the West Michigan retail industry is the brand new Tanger Outlets Center which opened just south of Grand Rapids on July 31st.  What makes this especially exciting for us is that out of many possible suppliers Tanger selected Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock for their locksmith services and products.  Hoogerhyde delivered and installed a good number of safes to the new stores, several of which were in the 5000# range. 

Tanger is the premier builder/manager of outlet shopping centers with 44 locations nationwide.  Their centers are major shopping destinations with all the great brands people want. The new complex in Byron Center brings 75 big-name retail stores to the area, along with hundreds of jobs. Providing security for that many stores is a major accomplishment. Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock is proud to be associated with the great new Tanger Outlets.


Hoogerhyde Safe Now Carries Rhino Ironworks Gun Safes

September, 2014 – Hoogerhyde Safe is proud to announce that they are now the area’s only dealer for the awesome new Rhino Ironworks gun safes.

In addition to terrific security the Ironworks safes feature an impressive wrought iron, vintage appearance unlike any other. The look and security are achieved with heavy external corner reinforcements on the body, with visible high quality welding. Doors are also reinforced with heavy steel straps that provide extra resistance against anyone who would attempt to pry open the door. Large industrial looking rivets and a heavy wheel-type handle, rather than the normal spoke handle, set it apart from other gun safes. Random distress marks on the steel assure that no two are alike. A steel “Ironworks” logo plate on the door adds to the masculine image. Finally, the natural unpainted surfaces are covered with a clear powder coat to keep the safe rust free and looking good. Ironworks provides a rugged appearance that compliments the real security provided by the safes. 

Open the door and inside is a handsome dark brown faux leather interior. The gun racks and shelves are laid out to be very functional in addition to being attractive. 

Come to the Hoogerhyde Safe showroom today to see which of the new Ironworks gun safes is right for you.

Rhino Ironworks

American Security BF Gun Safes Out-Perform the Competition

January, 2014- American Security Products’ BF gun safe was recently fire tested by an independent lab with surprising results.  For several years the BF series has carried a 90 minute fire rating, based on previous testing.  But in December, 2013 Intertek ETL Laboratories, an independent testing organization similar to Underwriter’s Laboratories, fire tested the BF along with three safes from well-known competitors.  In a standardized test, the oven temperature was raised to 1200 degrees over an eight minute period, then maintained at 1200 degrees throughout the duration of the test.  Temperature probes were positioned seven inches below the inside top surface of each safe.

Intertek released their findings in January, showing that Amsec’s BF actually surpassed its rating by over a half hour!  The BF endured 1200 degrees F for 126 minutes before the temp in the safe reached 350 degrees.  Needless to say these superior units will now proudly bare the ETL Certified label for 120 minutes.


How did the competitors’ safes do?  One safe with a manufacturer’s fire rating of 60 minutes failed when the inside temp hit 350 degrees in only 47.5 minutes.  The second, with a manufacturer’s rating of 2.5 hours (150 minutes) failed at just 69 minutes.  Incredibly, the third safe, for which the manufacturer claims a 120 minute rating, failed in just 9.0 minutes!  It is worth noting that all three of these safes use Type X drywall for insulation, and have only a single door seal.  Amsec’s BF uses poured-in insulation similar to concrete, and two door seals.

Lessons:  1)  Do not buy a safe that uses Type X drywall for insulation.  2)  Be wary of manufacturer’s fire ratings which are not backed by an independent lab like ETL or Underwriter’s Laboratories.  3)  Look for a safe that has more than one door seal.   

Hoogerhyde Safe Receives "Award of Excellence" from Fort Knox 

November, 2013 – At a recent dealers’ meeting in Utah, Hoogerhyde Safe received the Award of Excellence from Fort Knox Security Products. Few gun safe dealers have earned this honor, which is based on superior training and customer service. The award plaque incorporates four uncirculated U.S. solid silver coins, the dates on each representing an important milestone year in Fort Knox’ history. Hoogerhyde Safe is the only gun safe dealer in Michigan to earn the Fort Knox Award of Excellence. Just as important to us, however, is the appreciation we get from our customers when they complement us for our great service.


Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock named Gold Level Dealer by Fort Knox Safe


September, 2013 – Fort Knox Safe has named Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock to be a new Gold Level Dealer.  There are only about eleven Gold Dealers nationwide, and Hoogerhyde is the only one in Michigan.  This designation is not widely publicized but it is important within the Fort Knox organization.  It recognizes Hoogerhyde for its high sales volume and excellent customer service.  During the past year, while gun safes were in short supply and quality built American safes had long lead times, Hoogerhyde always had an ample supply because of its commitment to carry a large inventory.

 Hoogerhyde Now Carries Golden Spike Vault Doors

July, 2013 - Golden Spike vault doors are the newest product line to be carried by Hoogerhyde Safe.  With the addition of Golden Spike vault doors, Hoogerhyde offers the most complete line of vault doors anywhere – 10 in-swing and out-swing models from Fort Knox and American Security as well as G.S.   Golden Spike Vault DoorYou can find the right size door at a price that fits your budget.   Come to our store to get a very convenient information/comparison sheet showing dimensions, weights, hinge & lock options, colors and prices.

Golden Spike Vault and Security Inc.  is owned and operated by Terry Zierenberg, an engineer employed by gun safe manufacturers for over 20 years.  Terry also established Acorn Enterprises in the late 1990’s.  Acorn is a major supplier of gun safe accessories, maker of the very best Velcro-attachable pistol pockets for use in gun safes.

If you have a commercial application which requires an Underwriter’s Laboratory Certified fire rating,you can order that from Hoogerhyde as well.  We represent Schwab/Sentry vault doors with certified fire ratings of one, two or four hours.  These units are typically used on large document storage rooms or on data processing rooms, but could also be used in a residence.

Hoogerhyde Safe is the largest supplier of vault doors in Michigan and throughout the Midwest.  


 Grand Rapids Business Journal Highlights Hoogerhyde's Longevity, Expertise

February, 2012 - Withstanding 85 years in business and adapting its expertise to new technology gives Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock something to shout out about, and the Grand Rapids Business Journal helped them out in its recent article. 

The article highlights how Hoogerhyde's expertise and service: 

Owner Tom Ziemer's passion for the business has resulted in continually satisfied customers. Read more in this refreshing article: It's safe to say Hoogerhyde is adaptable.

 Hoogerhyde a Winner at 2011 Neighborhood Business Awards

November, 2011 - Out of a competitive pool of 12 nominees, Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock was honored to be recognized as Best Longstanding Business at the 2011 Neighborhood Business Awards on November 3rd.

Owner Tom Ziemer accepts the 2011 Neighborhood Business Award from Mayor George Hartwell. 
A part of the West Leonard neighborhood for over 85 years, Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock is the premier source for home security and floor safes, vault doors, and gun safes and cabinets in Grand Rapids. It is also a full-service locksmith, offering Grand Rapids residents both mobile and walk-in service. Owner Tom Ziemer credits the award to Hoogerhyde’s commitment to superior quality and service. 
“We have the area’s best safe technicians on staff, so we can service what we sell,” he said. “Very few businesses in our field can say that. Whether our customers are rekeying locks or looking to purchase a home security safe, they know they can trust us to deliver the ‘real deal,’ in terms of product and customer service.”
Ziemer accepted the award from Neighborhood Ventures, Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell, and the Neighborhood Business Alliance. The longest-standing celebration of neighborhood economic development in Grand Rapids, the Neighborhood Business Awards highlight businesses’ contributions to quality of life and quality of place in urban neighborhoods.

Graffunder,  the “Army Tank” of Safes, arrives in Michigan

We are proud to announce Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock now carries the highly regarded Graffunder brand safes.  “We're the first company to carry Graffunder in the state of Michigan, giving our customers the opportunity to select one of the very best safes on the market,” said Hoogerhyde owner Tom Ziemer.  

Innovative and Perfected High Security Safes
Graffunder entered the safe scene in 1968 and has been innovating and perfecting high security safes and vault doors ever since.  Protecting the valuables of both residential and commercial customers, Graffunder safes are built from heavy steel plate up to 1 ½” thick, with torch resistant manganese plate on the top model.  The space between the door and frame is so fine-tuned, a business card can barely fit between them.  Graffunder safes use a proprietary high density composite material for insulation, ceramic blankets and two high temperature seals to achieve a fire rating of 1750 degrees for 1 hour. 
Customizable Colors and Interiors
Though high security is this safe's top priority, Graffunder offers safes in a variety of colors with an automotive base and top coat, as well as customizable interior configurations, to give your safe a rich appearance and convenient storage.  The next time you’re looking for the “Army Tank” of safes, stop by Hoogerhyde Safe and Lock.  Our employees can guide you toward the proper size, style, and rating for your safe needs.

Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock’s 85th Birthday!

Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock is celebrating their 85th year in business in 2011! We built a new building with a large show room five years ago, but we have been at the same address since 1926. Obviously, very few companies are ever able to pass this milestone, but we attribute our longevity to several things: We sell the highest quality products; we carry a very large inventory of all types of safes; we provide expert guidance to help the customer purchase the right safe; we have the best trained, most experienced safe technicians and locksmiths in West Michigan; and the level of trust people have in Hoogerhyde is extraordinarily high. That last issue – trust – is extremely important when we are chosen to discretely protect the customer’s most valuable assets. Products change over time but integrity will still be important to us when we hit 100!

Fort Knox Gun Safes.

Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock is now West Michigan’s exclusive stocking dealer for Fort Knox gun safes!  We have sold Fort Knox vault doors for years, because they are the highest quality vault doors on the market. We will now be stocking Fort Knox gun safes as well. Our first shipment will arrive about March 15, so come in to see them. If you want the very best in American made quality, you want Fort Knox from Hoogerhyde.

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