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Which Home Security Safe is Right for You?

Many people assume that all home security safes are basically the same, and that the only factors to consider are size and price. Nothing could be further from the truth! Safes vary widely in their design, construction, quality, and purpose. Do you know how to tell the difference? Whether looking for a free-standing security safe, a floor safe, a fireproof safe, or even a vault door, Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock in Grand Rapids can help you select the right safe for your needs:

Selecting a Security Safe for your Home or Business
If you keep significant amounts of cash, jewelry, collectibles, or precious metals, then you should focus on burglary resistance and choose a security safe. Loss from burglary is much more common than loss from fire.

Don’t be fooled by inexpensive store brands! Some products that are called “safes” can be opened in just seconds with only a small screwdriver. Talk to the experts at Hoogerhyde who can explain the differences. Don't buy a security safe that you can't see and touch yourself, because one ordered online might arrive scratched or dented, or it might have been completely misrepresented.

Fireproof Safes
Nearly everyone can benefit from having a fireproof safe at home. Fireproof safes are the perfect place to keep important documents like passports, car titles, tax records, wills or other legal papers, and insurance policies.

Keep in mind that although “fireproof” is a commonly used term, safes can really only be fire resistant. The degree of fire resistance varies widely, so it’s best to look for a rating by Underwriters Laboratories. “Factory tests” or “factory fire ratings” are usually biased and misleading.

Walk-In Vault Doors
If you are getting ready to build a new home, consider putting in a secure room or gun room. We install out-swing and in-swing vault doors by American Security, Fort Knox, Graffunder, Golden Spike, and Schwaub/Sentry. We often have used vault doors for the budget conscious. If your gun collection or coin collection is too big to fit into a safe, or if you would feel safer with a secure room, come to Hoogerhyde for your vault door.

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