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Antique Safes for Sale

Antique safes are interesting. Lots of people remember their grandpa's old safe or the safe they saw in a building from the late 1800's. Many old safes have histories attached to them that remind us of the old days. Most old safes were built to be fire proof, but it's hard to say how they would hold up in a fire now. They don't have all the security features of modern safes, but will still offer some level of protection. A classic antique safe makes a great conversation piece or an interesting television stand. Dress up your living room with something that not everyone has.

We usually have a dozen or more antique safes in our shop, most of which are for sale. We buy good ones, too. So if you want to buy one or if you have a nice antique safe that you no longer want, come to Hoogerhyde.

Cary Safe Company
Cary Safe Company was in business from 1878 until 1929, in Buffalo, New York. This unit measures 26"H x 16"W x 18"D. Nice original paint inside and out. It has a small key locking drawer and a small key locking compartment inside. $700.  SOLD.
Schwab Safe Company, Lafayette, Ind.
Schwab Safe has been in business since 1872, and this safe is probably from about 1910. Extremely good original paint, and a nice interior with one locking cubby hole. 25"H x 16"W x 17"D. $1000.  SOLD.
Eureka Safe & Lock Company antique safe
Eureka Safe & Lock Company was one of many safe companies in Cincinnati, Ohio. They probably built this safe circa 1900. It is 28"H x 18"W x 19"D. Nice ornate front with an outdoor scene, but the top shows 100 years of wear. It has a small locking cubby hole inside. $700.  SOLD.
Detroit Safe Company
Detroit Safe Company usually made big heavy safes, but this one measures just 28.5"H x 17.5"W x 18.5"D. It has excellent original paint. Inside is burgundy with one locking compartment. $800.  SOLD.
Hobnail antique safe
Hobnail safes were manufactured from about 1820 to 1850 and are very rare today. They are mostly wood with metal strapping which is secured to the wood using long spikes called hobnails. This example in Hoogerhyde's collection was probably made by Jesse Delano, and features multiple locking systems. An antique padlock secures an outside locking bar. When that is removed a plate with a false hobnail is moved up, which then allows a second false hobnail to slide sideways to expose a hidden keyhole. A massive "skeleton key" unlocks the door. But a second inner door also has sliding knobs and requires a second skeleton key. This safe has handles on the sides, but at 840 pounds it is not very portable.


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