Graffunder Gun Safes, part 2

Aside from having doors that really fit, Graffunder gun safes feature plenty of steel.  And you need lots of steel for high security.  The Bishop series have a ½” of solid steel plate in the door and ¼” throughout the body.  The Castle series has twice as much – 1” steel plate on the door and ½” plate on the entire body.  What other gun safes can claim that?  Emperors have 1 ½” steel plate in the door and a full 1” steel plate throughout the body. Move up to a Fortress and the door is 1 ½” of steel and manganese laminations.  Manganese is for torch resistance.    These safes are impressive!

Graffunder Castle with 1" solid steel plate door
Graffunder Castle with 1″ solid steel plate door
Door jamb: 1" plate steel safe front; 3/4" plate steel reinforcement
Door jamb: 1″ plate steel safe front; 3/4″ plate steel reinforcement










Even the door frame is extra secure.  Instead of the thin roll formed steel door jamb that most safes have, the door of a Graffunder gun safe closes against a welded ¾ steel plate.

The only downside of Graffunder safes is that they are heavy.  Here in Michigan where everyone has a basement, placement is an issue.  Neither Castles, Emperors nor Fortresses can be set on a main floor above a basement unless the floor is braced from below.  They can rarely go downstairs either unless the steps are concrete or steel.  We frequently install Graffunders in homes which have walk-out basements, where the safe can go into the basement through a ground level door.  Other common placements are in homes which are on concrete slabs, garages and pole buildings.

More on Graffunder Safes in another posting soon . . .