No Gun Safe Shortage at Hoogerhyde

National debt levels and problems with our government in Washington have increased fear that our economy may collapse in the future. This made many people start buying silver and gold, and they want solid protection for their metals. Then the tragic Sandy Hook shooting caused talk about gun control, which fueled a tremendous spike in gun sales. These two factors have caused safe sales to skyrocket!

Gun safes, especially quality-built American Made safes, have become scarce. I have spoken to gun safe dealers who simply have no inventory. Hoogerhyde Safe, however, has a huge inventory of about 80 gun safes, and more on the way. From 60” X 24” to 72” X 51”, all MADE IN AMERICA by Fort Knox, American Security and Heritage. Nationwide there is a gun safe shortage, but not at Hoogerhyde!! Buying directly from the factories in large quantities gives us buying power that many dealers just dream of.

P.S. We also have all three models of the best handgun safes on the market, the hard-to-find Fort Knox Pistol Safes. Fast, quiet, strong.  Most handgun boxes are quick to use but VERY easy to break into. With thick steel and strong latches, Fort Knox Pistol safes will actually keep out thieves! Real security – what a concept.