Coin dealer’s safe is burglarized

A coin dealer in Michigan was burglarized recently and lost many thousands of dollars in collectable coins when the robbers opened his safe.  He was depending on the wrong type of safe to protect his inventory.  His low price, low quality, China-built gun safe was opened by hand with some kind of pointed tool.  I won’t mention the brand name of the safe for legal purposes.

Gun Safe Opened by Burglar

Coin dealers should obviously be using high security safes, something suitable for high-value commercial applications. The ONLY gun safes suitable for use by a coin dealer are the RF or HS safes by American Security, a Graffunder Safe or a Fort Knox with steel upgrades. That would also be true if your gun collection is extremely valuable. These safes are more expensive, but the REAL cost of a cheap safe is much higher if it is opened by burglars.