Are cheap safes worth buying?

I can’t mention any brand names here, but . . .  The cheap safes that are sold in “big box stores” may do a good job in a fire, but don’t expect them to protect valuables from burglars. Many of these “burglary safes” are plastic on the inside, and one brand is even plastic on the outside, too.  Some have working parts that are made of plastic, with bolts made of weak cast metal rather than steel.  We have a sample burglary safe in our shop with a plastic interior and cast bolts, which was pried open.  The steel of the outside shell is just 40 thousandths of an inch thick.  Not sure how much that is?  It’s 4% of an inch thick!  It’s the same as 11 sheets of standard copy paper.  You have to wonder how many people will be kept out of a cheap safe like that!