Security Safes

Selecting a Security Safe for your Home or Business

If you keep significant amounts of cash, jewelry, collectibles, or precious metals, then you should focus on burglary resistance and choose a burglary or burglary/fire safe. Loss from burglary is more common than loss from fire.  Choose a fire safe when you just want to protect papers from burning.  A business has different needs than a consumer.  This section of our website is intended to give you the information needed to make a good decision.

Don’t be fooled by inexpensive store brands! Some products that are called “safes” can be opened in just seconds with only a screwdriver. Talk to the experts at Hoogerhyde who can explain the differences. Don’t buy a security safe that you can’t see and touch yourself, because one ordered online might arrive scratched or dented, or it might have been completely misrepresented.

Which Home Security Safe is Right for You?

Many people assume that all home security safes are basically the same, and that the only factors to consider are size and price. Nothing could be further from the truth! Safes vary widely in their design, construction, quality, and purpose. Do you know how to tell the difference? Whether looking for a free-standing security safe, an in-floor safe, a fireproof safe, or even a vault door, Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock in Grand Rapids can help you select the right safe for your needs.

Your Source for Quality Security Safes for your Home or Business

  • New, used, and antique safes
  • Commercial safes
  • Home security safes
  • Burglary safes
  • Cash handling safes
  • Vault doors for secure rooms
  • Fireproof safes and file cabinets
  • “TL-rated” safes
  • In-Floor safes
  • Gun safes
  • Data safes
  • Low, medium, and high security levels

Choose from proven brands you can trust:

  • American Security Products
  • A & B Safe
  • Fire King
  • Gardall
  • Graffunder
  • Meilink
  • NKL
  • Phoenix
  • Securifort
  • Sentry
  • Used safes by all manufacturers

Safe and Lock Services

You’ll find our staff are among the most knowledgeable experts in the safe industry, with years of experience servicing safes and locks. Visit us for all your safe service needs:

  • Combination changes
  • Opening locked safes
  • Service & repair
  • Combination lock installation & service
  • Electronic lock installation & service
  • Fingerprint reader locks
  • Safe moving & installation
  • Refurbish antiques

We service all brands of safes!